Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Lawyers

Who Do We Help? 

ASK IP LAW helps corporations, small businesses, startups, inventors, authors, and artists identify and protect their intellectual property rights.

What Are Our Rates? 

We don’t like billable hours. They are not fun for us, or our clients. To the extent possible, we offer flat rates for our services. Check out the trademark, patent, and copyright pages for a non-exhaustive list of flat rates. If you don’t see the service you are looking for, feel free to contact us

Woman-Owned IP Firm

ASK IP LAW is a woman-owned firm. The Founder, Aileen Shepherd Kell, occasionally teams up with her right-hand-man, JC Harkins, who is Of Counsel to the firm. Our team is small and we like it that way. We enjoy getting to know our clients and live vicariously through their creative endeavors.

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